Who are we?

The objective of Sports & Talent Studio is to assist future ”student-athletes” from all over the world, who wants to study and practice their sports in the U.S. We focus on being their for the student-athletes during the whole process, and helping them to achieve athletic goals as well as educational goals. Our mission is for the student-athletes to obtain the best scholarship possible through sports, and find a university/college where they will keep growing as persons and athletes. To be an international student comes with challenges such as; adapting to a new school system, and living in a foreign country far away from home. That is why Sport & Talent Studio will support and guide our student-athletes, from the start until the end of their time in the U.S. And keep in mind, ”the only things you will regret are the things you didn’t do”.

Sports & Talent Studio is founded by former international student-athletes, who has the experience of studying and living in a foreign country. We are familiar with the processes, the system, and what it is like to practice sports in the U.S. In many cases, agencies like Sports & Talent Studio help student-athletes until the day they arrive. Our idea is to take responsibility and accompany our student-athletes during the whole process, from day one until the day they receive their diploma. We want to maintain a frequent contact, in order for our student-athletes to feel as comfortable as possible with the full support of Sports & Talent Studio.


Contact coaches in the U.S and report player’s profile

Individual analysis of universities and sports programs

Scholarship offers






Full support during the stay in the U.S.

Athletic and person advice

The opportunity to reach highest possible athletic performance

Transfer to other universities


Application to the university

Transfer credits

Send grades

Financial documentation

Medical forms


Apply for a Student Visa in the U.S

American embassy appointment

Necessary documents and requirements